A Sunday Morning

I finally got to go to church here in Managua (in English!!). And it was awesome. In all honesty it felt a little bit weird, like somehow 100 other people accidentally got invited to me and God's hangout time. Spending time with God every day has been my anchor for the past month, but it has been one on one, without a worship band or pastor or community of other believers. And in some ways that has been really hard but in other ways I think it has completely changed the way I think of my relationship with God. So with this change came the odd feeling today at church, but it was a good confusion. The biggest blessing of today was the group of people who sought me out after the service to ask who I was, how I was doing, if I wanted to get involved with events, if I was free on Monday to watch football and eat free food... the list goes on. For the very first time since I got to Nicaragua I felt welcomed. Things aren't always easy of course and there's always the complication of transportation, and communication and mismatched schedules. So whether or not they work out, the important thing was that I was invited to do things, and felt truly cared for. I am so grateful. 
-Kayla Duskin

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